August 27, 2020

Dhorvarahi is a famous temple. It is located in Dhorfirdi village and about 5 km southwest of Dulegonda Bazar, Suklagandaki Municipality. The
Himbatkhanda Purana has also mentioned the Dhorvarahi temple in the Purana. The goddess statue inside the temple is with four hands. There are other statues of Shiva, Ganesh, and other deities too. As mentioned in Himbatkhanda and according to the antiquity of the temple, it must have been established during middle age. But there is no actual date of its construction. Except for Aunsie , Ramnavami, and Ekadashi, there is a crowd of devotees offering animal sacrifices. It is custom to free pigeons at the temple. The sacrifice of male goats, buffaloes are offered to the goddess but forbidden to sacrifice chickens. It is said that Dhorvarahi fulfills her devotees’ aspirations and overcomes all the calamities of humanity. It is a surprising fact that during the worship of the goddess, the water level increases automatically. And in the meantime, the level of water decreases in the same way as the fishes still swim in the pond in that period. So in this temple, there is always a flow of religious visitors to obey the goddess. It is a unique type of temple and to gain popularity, all the information and promotion should be scattered all over Nepal.

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