Essential equipment and tips required while trekking

February 21, 2020

Trekking tips

It is advisable to arrange your trekking equipment before you go for trekking. While going for a trek make sure that a leader is qualified and familiar with the routes. Keep all of your travel documents and permits safely, as they need to be shown at different checkpoints for security reasons. Keep the document papers in a plastic cover to prevent them from getting wet. These are the most important essential equipment and tips that one must know before going for a trek.

Trekking essentials

•             Tent
•             Sleeping bag
•             Trekking boots (preferably ones with thermoplastic rubber or TPR sole; also must be well worn to prevent untimely blisters)
•             Woollen socks (multiple pairs)
•             Cotton socks (to wear under the woollen ones)
•             UV protector goggles
•             Rope
•             Spare shoelaces
•             Batteries (spares too)
•             Cotton inners
•             Head torch
•             Sunhat
•             Water bottle
•              Umbrella (doubles up as walking stick)
•         String
•             Safety pins
•             Plastic bags
•             Note pad
•             Pen
•             Candles
•             Matchbox
•             Gas cylinders and stove
•             Rations (including fresh juices, glucose and chocolates)
•             Woollens (warm jackets, sweaters)

We hope the above information on essential equipment and tips required while trekking was helpful and might be helpful on the way to your journey.

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