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Official Team

Ananda Bhandari

Managing director

Ananda Bhandari is a Managing director of Destination Management Inc (DMI). He handles the internal work of the company.

Gupta Bhandari

Founder/Managing director

Gupta Bhandari is a founder and Managing director of Destination Management Inc (DMI). He looks over the entire team and analyzes the work. Together with his knowledge, experience, clear perspective and receptive mind, Gupta Bhandari has chaired various committees. He also has launched successful different tourism programs inside and outside the country. As a travel and tourism entrepreneur, he has also built an excellent relationship with different people around the world. Furthermore, he has been to many European countries and has earned us a loyal client base in those regions as well.

Operation Team

Padam Bhandari

Trekking Guide

Padam Bhandari is a Trekking Guide of Destination Management Inc (DMI). He is an experienced Government License holder trekking guide. He has been working in the tourism field since 2006.  Mr. Padam Bhanadari has led various groups and individuals to the mountains.  He is a very honest, friendly, helpful, and hardworking person.