On the path of heroes

On the path of heroes

Reading about famous expeditions since I was young, I knew, once I will step on the same path and see same view as these heroes did… Happened…. A month ago I stepped on the height of 5300 meter and had a chance to breathe the smell of the world highest mountain. The excitement for these mountains and high respect for Kathmandu city I felt before my trip, turned on true love with mountains and the city together. Destination Management Inc. Director plays one of main roles in this change, since first day I contacted this company. With quick answers, fixing the feeling of safety and trust in the individual traveler as I am, assuring all doubts I had. Kathmandu opened the warm embracing for me thank to this nice hearted men, guiding me through exciting experience I will keep forever. Showing “stage” and “behind the scene”, making me know golden places, while uncovering the original daily Nepal life. All this with smile, friendship, patience, answering tens of questions, always on time. And a friend that was between first addressees of my messages during the trek in Himalayas, watching my steps and always with care. Thank you Gupta for being an important partner of realizing one of my biggest life dream.

Slovakia January 11, 2019 -Martina Babalova


I found Destination Management Inc. from a recommendation from my Uncle. I was very nervous in the lead up to my trip to Nepal as I didn’t know what to expect.

Gupta greeted me at the airport and throughout the duration of the trip I was very well looked after.

It turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. My guide was an expert trekker with a lovely nature and extremely caring. I would highly recommend Destination Management Inc. to anyone travelling to Nepal. You will have an amazing adventure.

Kind regards,

(Koster Tobias James)

Australia November 27, 2016 -(Koster Tobias James)


I am a seasoned traveler with the high expectations. This was my first visit to Nepal and I have to say, I was fortunate in meeting up with Gupta Bhandari. He is a very professional, patient and knowledgeable person with a great command of English.

I had planned to visit many well-known landmarks, but he was able to provide more than that, with his excellent local knowledge. With him I could very much experience venturing off the beaten track.

If you want to enjoy a wide variety of activities at a reasonable cost, then I whole-heartedly recommend DESTINATION MAMAGEMENT INC. in Nepal.

Thank you Gupta!

Daniela, Hong Kong


Hong Kong September 18, 2016 -Daniela

YU WEIMO (Betty)

Nepal is a dream place for me.

It was a wonderful trip in Nepal. I have so much precious memory there that I do not know how to write down it all and tell you. But there are some words for Nepal—peaceful, pure, holy, natural, adventurous but serene. On the trip, I talked a lot with uncle about life, love, culture and everything. Uncle always told us, everything takes time. I think maybe this is one of the good characteristics for Nepali. You are always considerate, patient and knowing the meaning of life. I feel only people living under the Himalayas can have this pure spirit. People living with nature are much closer to sky mentally and physically.

Before going to your country, I already know that there would be a lot of Buddha. So Kathmandu was a ‘strict’ image in my mind. However, when I saw the really Buddha, they are so lovely with kindly and big eyes. Under the gaze from those cute eyes, people can definitely live harmoniously and happily. I really think if people want to spend some time to think about life and refresh themselves, Nepal is one of the best places to go.

Among these four cities in our trip, my favorite one is Pokhara. Not only because of paragliding, it has combined nature and extreme sports perfectly.

Along the scenery, I saw different places. It is a regret that we did not travel Nepal together. Next time, I want to go Pokhara again and Everest Base Camp to see twinkling stars in the sky.

When I was in university, I met Mr. Pawan & Ms. Banadana who came from Nepal, and have became best friends. They told me about their hometown and Nepal a natural, beautiful and peaceful country, which has attracted me to have a freedom trail there.

Finally, I had an opportunity to Nepal trip and enjoyed everything that as they told me. Before I go to Nepal, I contacted to Destination Management Inc. (Mr. Gupta Bhandari) for details information. He offers to us 7 nights 8 days package tour. I need to say Nepal is much more admirable than what I thought. During this trip to Nepal, we had pure and spiritual travel in Kathmandu, excellent and adventurous attempt in Pokhara , the best view in Bandipur and most natural experience in Chitwan. It is the best travel I never had, Even though I traveled several countries before, only in Nepal, in this travel I have the greatest spiritual pleasure from bottom of my heart.

I am sure that, without the help and companion from dear uncle (Mr. Gupta Bhandari), we cannot have a travel like this. Thank you my dear uncle. My best friend!

Because of uncle, I have felt hospitality, esteem and plain from Nepali again. People living under Himalaya also have been affected by it and have pure and nice mind and soul.

Now, I love this country deeply. If I have available time in the next year, I would go there again and have a different route designed by uncle defiantly.

Bye Nepal! Bye my best! See you soon.

Once again, Thanks to Destination Management Inc. as well as Gupta Bhandari (Uncle).


YU WEIMO (Betty)





Dong Lin (DOREEN)

Nepal – The time for me to travel abroad. Our holiday almost ends, to be honest; I am very excited with everything. I experienced before I reached here. I was looking forward to travelling to Nepal. Especially, I had opportunities to watch a movie about Nepal “waiting for winds”. In that movie, I saw a lot of beautiful sceneries of Nepal, which made me yearn for this country.

A week ago, we reached the attractive country in the afternoon. When we arrived to Kathmandu airport we met to Mr. Gupta Bhadari (our Uncle). He is very nice kind and romantic person and gave us a very cordial reception for these eight days. In the first day, our uncle led us to a Nepali restaurant for dinner. At that restaurant we watched Nepali cultural program and ate first time Nepali food in our life and test some local beer and wine. Those were very delicious. We enjoyed a lot that night. The following day our uncle took us to visit many temples in Kathmandu. All the places were extremely magnificent and gave us a sense of peace. I love it.  At the same time I saw many people were going to temple for praying and all of them were devout disciple. Even though they don’t have so much money, they live a very happy life. The following day we drove to Pokhara my favorite city in Nepal. I experienced some crazy things like paragliding. You know, I am afraid of height, all the time. But when I flew on the sky, the wonderful sceneries surprised me than no more afraid with the height. May be next time, I will try bungee    jumping in pokhara.

We also experienced rafting. When we were rafting, we saw the Himalayas which was amazing, I love this city more and more. Next time I will stay Pokhara for more days and enjoy the happy life there. The next place is Bandipur, we lived the room which opposed to the Himalayas, which made us very exciting but we could not see the sunrise next morning due to bad weather. The last destination is Chitwan a small town; we had an opportunity for elephant ride and touring deep into the Jungle for wildlife. Those all were first time for us to experience.

To sum up, I like Nepal, Nepali food and our uncle. The last thing I want say is that if you have time, you must travel to Nepal at least once in your life. I promise that you will learn a lot during the travelling. Now, I will leave and I am also looking forward for next trip in Nepal. I hope our uncle can be my leader in next time, HAHA!!! Uncle I love you and thank you so much.


Dong Lin (DOREEN)

Innocent Baby



Now in Hong Kong


China -Dong Lin (DOREEN)

Ms. JiaJin

7 nights 8 days wonderful trip to Nepal!

For this travel, firstly I want say it’s an extremely wonderful trip. Thanks to Destination Management Inc. as well as (Gupta Bhandari) our uncle’s help, we saved lots of time on the transportation and hunting food and hotel. I am very satisfied with the whole plan, which is managed by “Destination Management Inc.”. On one hand, we have experienced very local and traditional culture, adventure sport like paragliding and exciting jungle safari trip.

On the other hand, we have very flexible time to do our things like going shopping on the street. Before, I participated in a package tour; we had to wake up very early morning like 5 am and went sleep very late. But this time with guidance of our (Gupta Bhandari) uncle provide us sufficient and pleasant time.

We enjoyed all the places. Our holiday very much like (Gupta Bhandari) uncle said; it is holiday can decide anything, so nice and thoughtful.

About the places, I love Pokhara most. The scenery is very beautiful and the air is very fresh. When we had dinner near the Lake with watching the local culture program singing and dancing, enjoying the delicious food everything thing seems so wonderful and cozy. The most wonderful thing for me is that overcome the fear of height and went for paragliding. On the sky it was very exciting and I felt like I was flying with the birds. Also other places are wonderful because we enjoyed the cultural differences and enriched   our experience. And we credit such experiences to our guide uncle and Destination Management Inc.


Ms. JiaJin

Hong Kong


Hong Kong -Ms. JiaJin

Lucy & kinga

For the first time we arrived to Kathmandu, Nepal on September 30, 2015. It was after earthquake in Nepal. Our family and friends were afraid; we tell you truth we also   afraid   bit as well. But when we arrived, we realized there is nothing to be afraid for travel to Nepal. We experienced only amazing and adventures. Nepal is a beautiful country with beautiful nature; there are so many kind people with great hospitality.  Our guides were caring honest, simple people who have fully experience about their profession. They know how to fulfill or manage to our needs and requests. They introduce us Nepal from many different points of views.  We had 3 weeks best Nepal package trip. We had good experience world heritage Kathmandu city tour.

We flew to lukla with life time experience and trek up to Tengbouche historical Buddhist monastery as well as we explore many mountains include Mt. Everest. We visited to pokhara beautiful city as well as took a home stay program for real Nepali life style, we enjoyed and experienced. At the end we went for Adventure River rafting as well as chitwan national park for jungle safari. Now we understood Nepal and Nepalese people life style better. We will definitely book another trekking program for next year. Thank you all our friends for arrangement to our adventures 3 weeks.


Lucy & kinga


16.10.2015 kathmandu

Slovakia September 17, 2016 -Lucy & kinga

Mr. Duddha Stefan and Wolfgang

Thanks to Gupta, it turned out to be a great experience. Gupta is flexible, so we could change things while travelling. His advice was a great help to choose the right activities and accommodations.

When we reached to Kathmandu, according to our friend’s suggestion we had contact to Mr. Gupta Bhandari. He had given to us details information about Nepal as well as Annapurna circuit trek. We decided to go to trek through his company “Destination Management Inc.”Mr. Bhandari arranged our trip with require documents within day.

Mr. Bhandari arranged us very wonderful package trip within the short time.

Thank you Mr.Bhandari Thanks & regards

Duddha Stefan Wolfgang Deutsch

Deutsch August 31, 2016 -Duddha Stefan and Wolfgang

Mann Peter Thomas

I had booked my holiday trip to Nepal through Destination Management Inc. Mr. Bhandari picked me up at the airport and transfer to Hyatta Regency. I had two week wonderful time in Nepal. All arrangement was more than my expectation. During my stay in Nepal, I had visited Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan jungle safari, Janakpur, and I did wonderful Mt. Everest flight. Thank you very much Mr.Bhandari making this possible for me with your great service and care.

Dr. Mann Peter Thomas


Deutsch -Mann Peter Thomas

Mr./ Ms. Brown

Mr. Gupta Bhandari had organized our trip to Tibet & Nepal in October 2007. First traveled to Tibet, we enjoyed in Tibet but there were few complications which Mr. Bhandari had given some hints about that already. We back to Nepal after Tibet and we did Dhampus- Sarankot trek.

Mr. Bhandari handled this trip himself.


British August 29, 2016 -Mr./ Ms. Brown