Changu Narayan Temple

Changu Narayan Temple is built in Lichchhivi period and where Nepal’s history starts nad is believed to be one of the valley’s earliest settlement sites. It is situated in a small hillock northwest of Bhaktapur, revered by both Hindus and Buddhists. Changu Narayan most venerated sites for worshippers of lord Vishnu since early times, and hence it is very important pilgrimage site for Vaishnavas. The main Pagoda style temple is located at the center of large courtyard, which is surrounded by rest houses known as Chaughera Sattal. In addition to the two-storied temple. Changu Narayan monument zone includes several smaller shrines, including the temple of Chhinna Mastaa, the headless goddess.

The temple is double-roofed structure where idol of lord Vishnu in his incarnation as Narayana is deified. The exquisitely built temple has intricate roof struts showing multi -armed Tantric deities. A kneeling image of Garuda the vahana or vehicle of lord Vishnu with snake around its neck, faces the temple. The gilded door depicts stone lions guarding the temple. Gilded windows also flank the door. A conch and a disc, symbol of Vishnu are carved on the two pillars at the intrance.