General Information

Flight and weather

The weather here in Nepal is unpredictable so due to such unpredictable weather sometimes there might be delay in flight by few hours or few days. We do our outmost to fix such delays but you must be prepared for such delays, and we even provide helicopter rescue services in such conditions on one’s request.

Physical Requirement

You don’t need any trekking or mountaineering experience or trainings all you need is good physical condition and be able to trek 5-7 hours daily at altitude.

Permits & Formalities

Travel or trek to a restricted area must be arranged as a fully equipped organized program through a registered trekking agency using tents, Sherpa staffs, cooks and porters. Only the Government registered trekking agencies can arrange the permit and required documents. You may not trek alone; there must be at least two trekkers in each group. The licensed officer or the guide is supposed to handle all the formalities with police and government offices and in route. Nepal offers numbers of remote area as adventure trekking destinations, where foreigners can travel/trek with normal permits as well as individually but there are few places of Nepal strictly controlled by government as restricted area. Travelers require special permit to travel/trek such restricted areas.