Destination Tanahun

Tanahun district is situated in almost in the middle of the entire Nepal and a part of the Gandaki Pradesh. It is one of the seven federal provinces which are recently established by the present constitution of Nepal. It is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. In the east, it borders with Gorkha, in the south with Chitwan and Nawalparasi, in the west with Kaski and Syanja and part of the Kaski and Lamjung in the North.
Tanahun is one of the main districts which is full of historical, cultural, and religious destinations including the birthplace of SageVedvyas and Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, a Nepali poet and literary writer. The district consists of 4 urban municipalities and 6 rural municipalities. Four urban municipalities include Bhanu, Bhimad, Byas, Shuklagandaki and the rest of the rural municipalities include AnbuKhaireni, Devghat, Bandipur, Rhishing, Ghiring, and Myagde.
According to the various scholars, different reasons and historical insight are presented in terms of the original name of the district. According to the different information and research, the name of Tanahun is originated from Tanahunsur and the three other peaks situated nearby areas where the state security system was looked after in history. Based on this fact, these three peaks nearby the Tanahunsur are known as Tanangu and later it became Tanahun. In the Sanskrit texts within the Vasudev Rasananda, the meaning of Tanahu is also written as ' Tritangu Rajadhanoya' the capital of Tritangu.

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