17 Things Every Nepal Traveler Needs To Know

December 19, 2017

The form of greeting in Nepal is “Namaste” performing by joining palms together. It means “the divine in me salutes the define in you”.

  1. Food safety- Avoid water that is not bottled or boiled. Avoid raw vegetables and pre-cuts fruits as much as possible.
  2. Do not Trek alone- there have been numerous disappearance of solo trekkers in the Himalayas. Always hire a guide or trek with other people. There are online forms where travelers can look for fellow-trekkers.
  3. Even though Nepal is known for pristine environment and beauty- not the highways and the major cities streets are crowded with traffic, full of smoke and bump and dusty. Hence travelling on bicycle or motorbike for the most part is not advisable.
  4. Don’t give money to the beggars that you see in the streets- even though they look pitiful, your giving away of money will encourage them only to beg for more. If you really care support one of many charity organizations working in Nepal.
  5. Be sure to exchange all the Nepalese currencies before you leave. They are not accepted outside the Nepal. Besides, taking currency out of the country is against the law.
  6. Do not touch someone’s head or sit showing the bottom of your feet towards them. It’s considered rude.
  7. Always be aware of “Bandhs”( strike-where no transportation is allowed unless you’re on a green number plate vehicle) as they can alter all your travel plans substantially.
  8. Do not assume that “Ganja” (marihuana) is legal in Nepal. It’s not. Even though it is common weed on hillsides you can get in trouble for picking it and carrying it for consumption purpose.
  9. Do not assume that when a Nepal says “yes” or the head is affirmation that is a done deal or they agree with you. Re-confirm using simplest of words but being as direct as possible to make sure.
  10. If you’re planning to apply for the visa at the airport, make sure you have passport size photo available or you can have your photo taken at the booth at the airport.
  11. All night life pretty much ends by 10 pm with only a few places around the Thamel area that may stay open a little later.
  12. Bring a universal plug and voltage adapter kit for electronics. Nepal uses 220V.
  13. Keep in mind there may be an entrance fee to some of the common temples and public areas applicable to foreigners anywhere from 250R’s – 700R’s.
  14. Always have some tissue paper and some hand sanitizer with you all times and note that some of the toilets may require squatting.
  15. Insist for a running meter in the taxi after 10 pm, you do pay double of the meter fare however, that’s the commonly accepted norm.
  16. Avoid displaying food around monkeys around temples, they are used to snatching it.
  17. Support the NON-Plastic initiative, limit your use of plastic items, and help to make Nepal a better place.

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