Difference between trekking and mountaineering

February 1, 2020

The difference between trekking and mountaineering is an important topic to understand before you go for travel. Having an idea on this topic you can choose the right adventure that suits your physical abilities and skill so that you won’t have any difficulties in your journey. Trekking and Mountaineering vary in different aspects.



Trekking generally refers to go out on the journey to a particular destination by a walk of more than one day. This means in the journey you might have to camp on the way too. But mostly you have the option of staying at the lodge, mountain huts.

Trek usually starts in one place and ends in a different place. In trekking, distance varies from about 35 km to several hundred kilometers away. Some popular treks can even take a couple of weeks to complete.

For example, Langtang trek, Poon hill trek…., are short trek in the country, completed within 10 days whereas the Kanchenjunga trek is one of the longest trek, completed around 27 days.



Mountaineering is the set of activities that involves ascending and descending mountains. Mountaineering is by far more challenging of them all. It’s one of the technical variations of trekking that takes you to a higher peak. Often to the peak that is above 5000 meters from sea level.

In mountaineering, there requires a lot of physical and technical training before you start the one. You need more equipment than trekking and a proper idea of how to use it. You must have to know the safety tips of different problems that might arrive, survive snowstorms walk on glaciers. Mountaineering is quite riskier in comparison to trekking.

One of the important things while mountaineering is one must be strong enough to endure long hours of ascending with low levels of oxygen.

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