Ahdimul Varahi

December 16, 2020

Tanahun is a magnificent place with full of nature and beautiful scenery. The different culture of the ethnic group is also the main attraction. Some of the religious sites in Tanahun have become a touristic place for pilgrims. According to the myth, there is a large population of Magar habituated from the beginning. In their local dialect, Ah means storm and di means water, thus, the place is named as Andhimul, the source of water.  The second myth is based on the story from elders who are living in the community says that Aadhimaul Varahi has a divine power to stop the storm and floods in this area. In order to stop these calamities, worship of goddess Ahdimul Varahi should be performed. Recent the number of travelers has increased.  People are getting educated. As a result, this place is being researched from a historical perspective which says the name of this goddess is originated as the source of water.

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