January 27, 2021

Mirlungkot is the second tallest mountain in the district which is located 1654m above sea level. Mirlungkot used to be a powerful place during the reign of the Thum Thume dynasty. The name Mirlung in which ‘Mir’ means huge and the ‘lung’ means rock in the Magar language. The name Thulodhunga or huge rock is later named Mirlungkot. The place has several historical sites. The ruins of the palace of the Sen dynasty can be seen. The other interesting places to visit are the temple of Kailashpati Mahadev, the god with power Bhayarthan on the west side. It is a place where six martyrs belong to the same village which is located on the northwest. Mirlungkot is the birthplace of Bakhansing Gurung who introduced Nepal’s first solar energy system project and also co-founders of Bakhansing Sing Co-operative. There are several homestay nearby villages around Mirlungkot. Homestay oriented beautiful villages are Tutepani, Rayale, Chhare, Baspani, Madkina, Biapani, Samjur. Similarly, the Dargah Jame Masjid (Mosque), built-in 1317 V.S. is also a place to visit.  Siddha Cave is also famous and it is the most beautiful location where one can see the terrain of the earth, especially in the western region and the ranges of Himalaya are attractions to see.

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