Adventurous rivers for rafting

May 12, 2021

The best times for river rafting are from October to mid-December and from March to early May. These times are suitable for rafters who can enjoy the mountain views with clear sky and natural scenery. In winter the water is certainly cold so, one should be prepared with a suitable suit to raft on the cold water.

Tamur River

River Tamur flows through an unspoiled gorge. A number of remote villages and scintillating beaches can be seen around the river while rafting. It is a perfect river for hard-core action and belongs to grade 4. It combines a Himalayan trek with a white water rafting adventure which offers a stunning view of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, and Makalu.

Sun Kosi River

The Sun Kosi River is a popular among adventure lover. The Sun Kosi River will let you dive into the majesty of the Himalayas before it joins the Ganges on the plains below. The forested canyons and gorges are full of Class III-IV rapids and the final stretch takes you through a dense jungle with chattering monkeys to keep you company. While rafting you will also get to enjoy exotic beaches, pass local villages and visit remote temples and marvel at the stunning scenery all around you.

Bhote Koshi

Bhote Koshi River is formed by glacial waters from the Mt. Shisa Pangama. We can reach Bhote kosi within 3 hours from Kathmandu. It offers some of the most stimulating and wildest experiences. It is the steepest river rafted in Nepal and is difficult and challenging, but never uncomfortable. During the rafting we can encounter lush fields, beautifully terraced lands, remote villages, stunning waterfalls and deep canyons.

Trishuli River

Trisuli may be your best destination if you have a short time and wants to experience a river rafting adventure in Nepal. Trishuli River is easy access and close with Kathmandu. This river is very safe and offers you all kinds of adventures such as cliff jumps and swimming. This river rafting suits for all ages so that every age group can enjoy the adventure of rafting with fun and excitement.

Marshyangdi River

Marshyangdi is a recent addition to the river rafting tours in Nepal but it is already popular all over the world due to the number of technical difficulties and challenges. Those who want to have intense and extreme rafting trip this river is the best choice. But the rafting experience is the most before rafting in this river. The rafting is combined with fascinating scenery, steep rapids and breath-taking mountain scenery that you will enjoy the greatest adventures of your life.

Kali Gandaki

With the enchanting scenery the rafting will bring excitement feelings on the mind. Kali Gandaki has the deep river gorges and the circuit is full of nature. The journey has challenging rapids with calm white waters, sandy beaches and remote villages. Overnight camps will let you explore the wildlife of the region. The waterfall is another exciting part to enjoy. Kali Gandaki rafting is also high on spirituality and culture because it is one of the holiest rivers in the country.

Bheri River

The person who wants to spend some time enjoying the thrills and frills of nature, Bheri River is the best option. The river is also famous for fishing. The surrounding has stunning jungle with easy wildlife-viewing opportunities. Bheri is easier for rafting as the rapids of class 3 and 4 in the river are not violent compared to other rafting rivers.

Karnali River

The Karnali is the longest and largest river of Nepal. It is one of greatest river rafting adventures having up to class 4 rapids. The first four days of your expedition are the best and most adventurous as you get to encounter a number of good rapids. The river levels allows for easy float trips that are the perfect excuse to keep an eye out for the rare freshwater with many dolphin, the only one habitat of that kind.

Seti River

The Seti River is a best river for beginners for rafting. It is also good for those families who want to enjoy the river rafting in a short time. This river is divided into two parts: Lower Seti and Upper Seti. The Lower Seti River is known as warm water river which takes you through easy rapids. The surroundings are full of forests with the glimpses rich and varied wildlife and nature. A river rafting tour at Lower Seti is particularly exciting for bird lovers and sightings of vultures, eagles and kingfishers. The Upper Seti River rafting lets you enjoy a quick adrenaline rush which takes you through continuous rapids till 40 minutes. It is the most fun after monsoon season in mid September through October as the water levels are high.

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