Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, a national Hero from Tanahun

January 22, 2021

Bhanu Bhakta one of the famous person and a National Hero of Nepal was born in Tanahun district whose short introduction is given below:

Bhanu Bhakta Acharya was a Nepali Poet, translator, and writer. He is Nepal’s first poet to be known publicly. Being the first poet, he is entitled, ‘Aadikavi’ in the Nepalese literature field. Apart from that, he is also well known for the translation of ‘Ramayana’ into Nepali which was in the Sanskrit language. Ramayana was written by Sage Vedvya. Bhanu Bhakta has also written numerous poems that are still famous and some are included in the text of the schools. He is recently awarded the title of “National Hero”.

Bhanu Bhakta was born on 29 Ashar 1871 V.S. (July 13, 1814 A.D.) in a small village named Chundi Ramgha of Tanahun district.  The historical house of Bhanu Bhakta is protected by the government as a museum. Nepal Government has made that place a Historical landmark along with the Ghansikuwa. There is a true story behind the well (well). Once Bhanu Bhakta on his way met a poor grass cutter and had some conversation between them. Grasscutter who was a poor person wanted to build a well for those travelers and passers who want to drink water to put out their thirst. And his wish was to be remembered even after his death by digging the well. Bhanu Bhakta was amazed by his wish that in spite of his poverty he wanted to help people by digging a well by selling the grass. The grass cutter’s wish made Bhanu Bhakta realize that being an educated and wealthy person, he didn’t do anything good to the people. So, from the grasscutter, he was inspired and started to write the poems and translated the Ramayana into Nepali.

There is still a well made by grasscutter which is evidence. The travelers who pass can quench their thirst from that well. Now there is a small park around the Gansikuwa with the statues of Bhanu Bhakta and the grass cutter. So the grass cutter was the inspiration of Bhanu Bhakta towards his today’s fame.

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