January 23, 2021

The Himalayan regions used to be the birthplace and the meditation land of the religious sages. Tanahun is associated with the mythological traditions from the Vedic period. During the Vedic period, the scholars of the so-called great Vedic writers connected with the five most important regions of Nepal. These scholars are named Nepali histories such as Vishwamitra from Koshi, king Janak from Dhanusha, Valmiki from Bhaisalotan, Panini from Kaligandaki, and Vedvyas from Tanahun. Nepal is also a center of civilization from ancient times to modern. The Himbatkhanda covers the vast terrain from the Brahmaputra river to the east, the Hindukush Mountain in the west, and the Himalayas with the Ganges river to the north. The epic Mahabharata book written by the great Vedvyas encompasses the extensive cultivation and culture of knowledge of diverse branches of scientific and philosophical insights covering topics such as social and economic status, politics, history, geography, religion, culture, knowledge, devotional philosophy, astrology, tantra, and many conspiracies.

The four knowledge of Veda is religion or duty (Dharma), Wealth (Artha), desire (Karma), and liberation (Moksha). Moksha or self-realization has been considered as the main achievement in life. But the practice of the dharma, artha, and karma is supposed to lead the satisfaction in life. Where mental peace leads ultimately to ‘atmalabha’ or liberation or self-realization. The Mahabharata confirms how vast and widespread the Vedic power in our life. Therefore, the development, expansion, and retention of the Sanskrit culture of Vedic philosophy, and the principle is the responsibility of all and the work is to do well to others without hurting one another. The eighteen Puranas, the eighteen Upapuranas are the glory of the Vedas. Trying to prove the birthplace, along with the contribution made by Bedvyas is not an easy task. It is possible that national and international efforts to conduct studies deep research and activities should be done on sites. The promotion of Vedvyas may be the reason for tourists to visit this place.

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